Eurodiaconia – First Network Meeting on Migration

At the end of January 2016, Kompasset Kirkens Korshær participated at the first network meeting on migration in Brussels. As a member of Eurodiaconia, a European network of 47 churches and Christian NGOs providing social and health care services and advocating for social justice, Kompasset Kirkens Korshær worked together with other representatives from, for example: Spain, France, Norway, Italy, Hungary, Sweden Czech Republic, Germany etc.

For two days, the topics of discussions and workshops were the challenges migrants and asylum seekers in Europe are facing, sharing of ideas to address such challenges and  recent initiatives to assist migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. From the European Commission Directorate-General Migration and Home Affairs, the partners in the meeting got a very good insight on the political, legal and operational EU approach.

At the end, the network meeting concluded with discussing the topics that need to be prioritized in this specific policy area by Eurodiaconia and its members.