We make a difference

Personal mentoring and coaching, career trainings and networking with employers are ways in which we help our mentees get a proper foothold in the Danish job market. More than 5o people have benefited from our program so far. Read about the personal experiences of our candidates as well as our partners and mentors.

Personal Stories

By Baffour, mentee:
My name is Baffour and I come from Spain. As more and more people became jobless in Spain, including myself, I decided to come to Denmark, a country, known for high income and where I thought it is so easy to find a job.
A month after my arrival, a friend accompanied me to Komapsset to prepare my CV. And it is where I met Mrs Marta Wisniewska, a project manager for The Extra Mile, who invited me to join her project.
I quickly found out that it is not easy to get a job in Denmark. It took me 3 months to find work and it only happened through the great help of the Extra Mile project. Before that it was a hectic time with many attempts to find work, yet no company called me for an interview.
In The Extra Mile we received counselling and direction from our mentors, who have rich experience and are very good and hard-working social workers. Through the workshops with Adecco I was among 3 lucky candidates who first got a job, and, thanks to our determination and hard work, all of us are still working and have been in the company for 11 months now. The missing piece of my whole plan is to find an apartment to bring my family to settle.
I am happy with my job, all the co-workers are supportive and the same goes for the company head office and the The Extra Mile itself, who continues providing the assistance if we need it, even though we are no longer job seekers.
I would recommend to all foreigners who have just come to Denmark to join the project and benefit from this good service. The Danish government should give every necessary help to the Extra Mile Project for the good work and services

By Isabel, mentor:
The Extra Mile offers resources and activities that ensure growth for everyone. One of the differentiators of The Extra Mile is the support the organization provides in terms of trainings, counselling and social gatherings. This support ensures volunteers develop and polish necessary skills and helps for self-regulation in the sometimes challenging mentoring world. Moreover, it is a great way of meeting likeminded people in Copenhagen.

By Marie, mentor:
As a volunteer I became interested in The Extra Mile project because of the holistic approach of supporting the inclusion of migrant workers into the Danish labour market. The project is innovative, ambitious and deals with the challenges of the global labour market we have today.
As a mentor I saw the dedication, engagement, skills, flexibility and hard work of the mentee to find a job and start a life in Denmark. Still, there are so many barriers into the Danish labour market, where connections and network have become more and more important to obtain a job. Therefore, there is a serious need for the cooperation with businesses and preparing the migrants for the Danish work culture, which The Extra Mile facilitates.

By Eliana, job coach & supervisor:
My name is Eliana and I am a coach with a focus on job, career, integration and life challenges. I offer coaching, motivational workshops, supervision and support to the mentors, teachers and mentees of in The Extra Mile project.
This project caught my attention and piqued my interest from the beginning. Coming from another country and knowing what it takes to start from zero in a new culture, I was sure that my experience could help the EU migrants and the volunteers.
The Extra Mile helps vulnerable people who find themselves in a very difficult situation. The project offers them support they can’t find elsewhere. They often find someone who speaks their language, who listens to their stories and whose engagement is sincere in giving them the necessary support to find a job. The mentees get mentors, language courses and training to help them enter the job market, among other activities which facilitate their integration in Denmark.
It is with great pleasure I share beautiful and life-affirming moments with the mentees and the volunteers. I remember one episode after a motivational workshop when a mentee told me with a big smile that he had an interview the following day. He believed and hoped that what he learned that evening would help him with the interview, especially my advice on the right body language and voice intonation. Huge was my happiness when I heard some days later that he got the job :-)
The level of engagement during the supervision/coaching sessions with the volunteers is always inspiring since they help each other and share their experiences with the mentees. All the participants from the project manager to the mentors work with one main purpose: To help the mentees get a job, and this way they help not only the mentees but the whole Danish society – decreasing desperation and homelessness among the EU migrants in the city of Copenhagen