GET TO KNOW THE ROMA IN YOUR CITY – 8th of April INTERNATIONAL ROMA DAY! Have a look at the leaflet and get to know the Roma in your city!

International Roma Day

1        Why outreach street work?

Over the past number of years an increasing number of migrants from Central/Eastern Europe, namely Romania and Hungary, were making themselves visible in the Vesterbro. The need for the current project is based on this increase and the changes to particular services in Vesterbro area that provided resting space, food and informal advice to members of the homeless community regardless of nationality or immigration status. As such, the intention of the outreach project to supplement these changes and provide a physical presence for homeless migrants to reach out to.

2        Target group

The target group is varied; including homeless groups from Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, different Roma minorities across Romania and Hungary, and a Hungarian-speaking Romanian minority. Suffering poverty at home, many arrive in Denmark with the intention of supporting family at home. Education and formal training levels are low and many fall into seasonal work such as collecting bottles. The groups are primarily made up of men, though there has been an increase in couples, individual women and minors.

3        Approaches

The primary approach has been to physically meet people in their environment around the city centre and Vesterbro. Maria Church on Istedgade in Vesterbro has been used as a base point from which to meet the target group. Additional efforts have been made to build relationships with local homelessness, health and law enforcement services. Furthermore, the Outreach project has utilised specialist language skills build strong communication pathways with the target group.

4        Results

Outreach team’s efforts have resulted in the creation of a more welcoming environment, the building of close relationships with over 50 migrants, contributing to improving the knowledge and use of existing social services for homeless migrants, a strengthening of relationships with these services, a decrease in communication issues through targeted use of language and a deeper understanding of the migrant experience; their hopes, dreams and desires.

The Outreach project is funded by the EU Commission’s FEAD funds 2016-2019.

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Kompasset has moved and has reopened as a bigger homeless service for homeless migrants without registration in Denmark. We now besides information and counseling provide day rest/shelter (40 beds), shower, locker storage, outreach street work and a wide variety of user activities.

Kompasset is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9-15. The address is Kæmnervej 1, 2400 Copenhagen NV. It is near bus 5A (Frederikssundsvej/Provstevej) and Nørrebro Station.

We opened October 17, 2016 and look forward to welcoming everyone!


Kompasset will be closed from July 11-31. We open again August 1, 2016 at 10 am.

Have a nice summer!

team Kompasset

In March Kirkens Korshær once again received a generous donation from Jysk consisting of sleeping bag and mats. We are currently handing them out and they are on high demand.

Please ask the staff during opening hours, Monday and Wednesday 10am-2pm and Thursday 5-8pm.

We are very thankful for the donation and appreciate the thought and gesture for the homeless migrants in need.

At the end of January 2016, Kompasset Kirkens Korshær participated at the first network meeting on migration in Brussels. As a member of Eurodiaconia, a European network of 47 churches and Christian NGOs providing social and health care services and advocating for social justice, Kompasset Kirkens Korshær worked together with other representatives from, for example: Spain, France, Norway, Italy, Hungary, Sweden Czech Republic, Germany etc.

For two days, the topics of discussions and workshops were the challenges migrants and asylum seekers in Europe are facing, sharing of ideas to address such challenges and  recent initiatives to assist migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. From the European Commission Directorate-General Migration and Home Affairs, the partners in the meeting got a very good insight on the political, legal and operational EU approach.

At the end, the network meeting concluded with discussing the topics that need to be prioritized in this specific policy area by Eurodiaconia and its members.

We are now handing out the sleeping bags generously donated by Jysk Sengetøj. We also have sleeping mats.

Please ask the staff during opening hours, Monday and Wednesday 10-2 and Thursday 5-8pm.

Kompasset is recruiting new, dedicated volunteer counselors to assist our homeless advice-seekers without registration in Denmark. As a volunteer you will make a difference for some of society’s most excluded and vulnerable people.

About Kompasset

Kirkens Korshær’s Kompasset is located on Worsaaesvej, Frederiksberg. The target group is EU-citizens and people with a residence permit in other EU countries, who have travelled to Denmark looking for work. Many are in legal limbo and in doubt of their rights and entitlements. Sound advice about options in Denmark is urgently needed.


  • You will participate directly in the social and legal counseling.
  • You will assist by helping service users with our computers, translate documents/CVs or simply socialize
  • You will accompany our service users and translate when approaching the authorities

There are many ways of contributing and being of service! Two employees will be available for questions and debriefing during each shift.

We will make sure you are well prepared and offer:

  • thorough introduction to the target group, their needs and relevant legislation
  • qualifying courses and meetings with relevant topics (supervision and first aid training)
  • a great opportunity to make wrong right!

We expect that you…

  • sign up for at least one shift every 2 weeks. A shift is 3 or 4 hours, Mondays/Wednesdays 9.45am–2pm and Thursdays 4.45-8pm
  • have a positive attitude toward our service users
  • aren’t easily shaken and have the ability to reach people in a state of crisis
  • can communicate in English and Romanian/Bulgarian/Italian/Spanish. Fluency is not required.


Are you curious and interested, please contact us to set up an interview:

Manager Susannah L. Sønderlund +45 2335 6281, or employee Daniela Vacaretu: +45 2153 5486,

I forbindelse med Kompassets konference “Vision eller Resignation” i August 2014 udgav vi et standpunktspapir med titlen “Preventing destitution of homeless migrants”. Dokumentet giver et overblik over hjemløse migranters juridiske situation i Danmark, samt hvilke hjælpeforanstaltninger de har adgang til. Dernæst diskuteres de negative virkninger af den nuværende politik og til sidst giver vi vores anbefalinger til fremtidige indsatser, der kan afhjælpe migranternes nød og forebygge social deroute.

Standpunktspapiret er nu udkommet på dansk og kan downloades her:

Kompasset final DK standpunktspapir PDF


International Rotaract Club of Copenhagen started a campaign to collect mobile phones for homeless job-seeking migrants, in collaboration with Kompasset Kirkens Korshær . On that note, we have received as donation about 20 mobile phones at the end of April.


The mobile phones enable migrants to contact potential employers or landlords, establish a network and keep in contact with loved ones back home. It makes a difference when a potential employer can contact the applicants by phone. We are very thankful for the donation for our job-seeking migrants.