Exciting opportunity with the Outreach team, working in the center of Copenhagen, reaching out to homeless migrants and linking them to Kompasset in Cph NV. The Outreach is based in Kompasset and in Maria Church on Istedgade, from where we go out with a Christiania-bike, serving coffee, tea and soup, providing counselling and building relationships with homeless migrants. The outreach team consists of 3 staff members (one pedagogue, one Romanian anthropology graduate and one graduate in international law, either of whom could be your main supervisor).

As an intern, you will take part in the outreach work on the streets of Copenhagen, and have approximately 1 shift pr. week in Kompasset in Cph NV. You will also be involved in the documentation of our work.

During your internship, you will:
 learn about the rights and duties of unregistered migrants in Denmark
 learn how to connect and build relationships with vulnerable homeless people
 understand the importance of building good partnerships with other social services in Cph
 learn how to document outreach work, and the importance of doing so
 get to know a team of great colleagues

We are looking for an intern with the following interests and qualifications:
 Strong interest in social work and migration
 Strong “people skills”, good communication, openminded and empathetic
 Good physics, able to walk many miles in all kinds of weather
 Structured, organized and interested in documentation of outreach work
 Good English skills and at least one of the following languages: Romanian, Italian, Spanish, Polish,
Bulgarian, Romanes. Danish is not a requirement.
 You are able to work according to Kirkens Korshær’s Christian and humanitarian views and you are a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark (Folkekirken).

You could be a student of social work, anthropology, global refugee studies, migration and international development, pedagogy, social sciences or another subject related. Most important is to be motivated, perseverant and patient.

Practicalities: Working time is 25 – 30 hours/week. 2 evening shifts pr. week. Starting January/February 2018, and minimum 5 months.

The internship is not paid. Please send your application in English by e-mail to

Deadline for application is December 14th 2017.

Interviews Monday December 18th.

Questions? Please contact Martin on email or phone 2479 2529. For
more information about Kompasset, see:

Kirkens Korshær afgiver høringssvar til Justitsministeriet, på et forslag om at udvide zoneforbuddet til at kunne omfatte en hel kommune.

I foråret 2017 blev “lejrforbuddet” indført. Det betyder at det ikke længere er lovligt at overnatte i “en lejr, der er egnet til at skabe utryghed” i lokalområdet. Det er politiet, der i situationen vurderer hvordan en lejr defineres, samt om denne er egnet til at skabe utryghed. Også dengang afgav Kirkens Korshær et høringssvar og anbefalede at bestemmelsen ikke blev gennemført.

Kort efter indførtedes et zoneforbud, der betød, at hjemløse som havde fået en bøde for at sove i en lejr, efterfølgende kunne få et zoneforbud, og dermed ikke måtte bevæge sig indenfor en zone på 400 m rundt om det område, hvor lejr havde befundet sig.

Det aktuelle forslag agter at udvide denne zone til at kunne omfatte en hel kommune.

Kirkens Korshærs høringssvar kan læses her:


Så er vi klar med tal fra Kompassets første 8 måneder.

Hvor mange mennesker bruger Kompasset?

Hvor kommer de fra?

Hvor overnatter de?

Hvilke problemer har de?

Det kan du bl.a. få svar på ved at læse her: Statistik Kompasset 1 halvår 2017


Kirkens Korshær København har udarbejdet en erfaringsrapport om arbejdet med udenlandske hjemløse i København. I rapporten skriver vi om vores erfaringer i mødet med disse mennesker, som i særdeleshed har besøgt vores varmestuer, overnatningssteder, samtaletjenester og rådgivninger i de seneste 10 år efter Europas grænser er blevet mere åbne.

Vi ønsker i Kirkens Korshær, at tilgangen til ovenstående problemstilling gennemføres på et fagligt velfunderet grundlag, så initiativerne har en langsigtet effekt, hvor det enkelte menneske stadig behandles med værdighed.

Den 25. august kl 13-15 inviterer vi til debat om værdige løsninger på Kompasset, Kæmnervej 1, 2400 Kbh NV.

Rapporten kommer snarest i en engelsk version også.

Læs og del den færdige rapport Kompasset_rapport_2017_dansk

Today we were so fortunate to have another load of sleeping bags delivered for the many rough sleepers in Cph. What a fabulous donation from JYSK! We’ve stocked up and highly appreciate the generous donation to Kirkens Korshær – many low-threshold day and night shelters all over Denmark have received mats, sleeping bags and towels from the Danish company JYSK.

Thank you!

GET TO KNOW THE ROMA IN YOUR CITY – 8th of April INTERNATIONAL ROMA DAY! Have a look at the leaflet and get to know the Roma in your city!

International Roma Day

1        Why outreach street work?

Over the past number of years an increasing number of migrants from Central/Eastern Europe, namely Romania and Hungary, were making themselves visible in the Vesterbro. The need for the current project is based on this increase and the changes to particular services in Vesterbro area that provided resting space, food and informal advice to members of the homeless community regardless of nationality or immigration status. As such, the intention of the outreach project to supplement these changes and provide a physical presence for homeless migrants to reach out to.

2        Target group

The target group is varied; including homeless groups from Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, different Roma minorities across Romania and Hungary, and a Hungarian-speaking Romanian minority. Suffering poverty at home, many arrive in Denmark with the intention of supporting family at home. Education and formal training levels are low and many fall into seasonal work such as collecting bottles. The groups are primarily made up of men, though there has been an increase in couples, individual women and minors.

3        Approaches

The primary approach has been to physically meet people in their environment around the city centre and Vesterbro. Maria Church on Istedgade in Vesterbro has been used as a base point from which to meet the target group. Additional efforts have been made to build relationships with local homelessness, health and law enforcement services. Furthermore, the Outreach project has utilised specialist language skills build strong communication pathways with the target group.

4        Results

Outreach team’s efforts have resulted in the creation of a more welcoming environment, the building of close relationships with over 50 migrants, contributing to improving the knowledge and use of existing social services for homeless migrants, a strengthening of relationships with these services, a decrease in communication issues through targeted use of language and a deeper understanding of the migrant experience; their hopes, dreams and desires.

The Outreach project is funded by the EU Commission’s FEAD funds 2016-2019.

EU logo

Kompasset has moved and has reopened as a bigger homeless service for homeless migrants without registration in Denmark. We now besides information and counseling provide day rest/shelter (40 beds), shower, locker storage, outreach street work and a wide variety of user activities.

Kompasset is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9-15. The address is Kæmnervej 1, 2400 Copenhagen NV. It is near bus 5A (Frederikssundsvej/Provstevej) and Nørrebro Station.

We opened October 17, 2016 and look forward to welcoming everyone!


Kompasset will be closed from July 11-31. We open again August 1, 2016 at 10 am.

Have a nice summer!

team Kompasset

In March Kirkens Korshær once again received a generous donation from Jysk consisting of sleeping bag and mats. We are currently handing them out and they are on high demand.

Please ask the staff during opening hours, Monday and Wednesday 10am-2pm and Thursday 5-8pm.

We are very thankful for the donation and appreciate the thought and gesture for the homeless migrants in need.