The Extra Mile

Going the Extra Mile. This defines the experience of EU migrants seeking jobs in Denmark. Faced with constant barriers, such as lack of network, housing and CPR, job-seeking migrants must go the Extra Mile to find a job in the difficult and competitive Danish labor market.  Going the Extra Mile also describes motivation and having positive attitude. When given the opportunity to work, EU migrants go the Extra Mile to prove their worth and skills, and to achieve company goals.

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The Outreach project was established by Kompasset and FEAD in 2016 in response to the increased number of rough-sleeping migrants in Copenhagen, particularly those coming from Eastern Europe. First and foremost, it aims to build relationships with marginalised homeless migrants and help connect them with services that can help them in their daily life: places to sleep inside, health clinics, counselling and legal assistance. Additionally, it is aimed at creating a welcoming and friendly environment for those arriving in the city, no matter their background. At this stage the project is concentrated on the Vesterbro/Indre By area of Copenhagen and operates in partnership with Maria Tjenesten on Istedgade.

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