Recruiting new multi-lingual volunteer counselors

Kompasset is recruiting new, dedicated volunteer counselors to assist our homeless advice-seekers without registration in Denmark. As a volunteer you will make a difference for some of society’s most excluded and vulnerable people.

About Kompasset

Kirkens Korshær’s Kompasset is located on Worsaaesvej, Frederiksberg. The target group is EU-citizens and people with a residence permit in other EU countries, who have travelled to Denmark looking for work. Many are in legal limbo and in doubt of their rights and entitlements. Sound advice about options in Denmark is urgently needed.


  • You will participate directly in the social and legal counseling.
  • You will assist by helping service users with our computers, translate documents/CVs or simply socialize
  • You will accompany our service users and translate when approaching the authorities

There are many ways of contributing and being of service! Two employees will be available for questions and debriefing during each shift.

We will make sure you are well prepared and offer:

  • thorough introduction to the target group, their needs and relevant legislation
  • qualifying courses and meetings with relevant topics (supervision and first aid training)
  • a great opportunity to make wrong right!

We expect that you…

  • sign up for at least one shift every 2 weeks. A shift is 3 or 4 hours, Mondays/Wednesdays 9.45am–2pm and Thursdays 4.45-8pm
  • have a positive attitude toward our service users
  • aren’t easily shaken and have the ability to reach people in a state of crisis
  • can communicate in English and Romanian/Bulgarian/Italian/Spanish. Fluency is not required.


Are you curious and interested, please contact us to set up an interview:

Manager Susannah L. Sønderlund +45 2335 6281, or employee Daniela Vacaretu: +45 2153 5486,